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"HOW AWE INSPIRING THIS PLACE IS! This is nothing less than a House of God; this is the gate of Heaven" (Genesis 28:17)





Electronic Giving allows your weekly or monthly contributions to be transferred electronically from your checking or savings account or your credit card directly to the church account.  You will have peace of mind knowing that your pledge has been received and is contributing to the work of the church throughout of the year!  One simply and easy to use authorization form can begin or change your electronic contribution amount.  The Authorization Form and “Answers to Frequently Asked Questions” are both available below.  Mail the completed Authorization Form to Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Center, 1941 Wynnewood Road, Philadelphia, PA  19151.  Contact the Parish Center for further assistance.


Click here to view and print Authorization Form

Click here to view Electronic Giving FAQ




We offer to anyone who may wish to ‘donate’ for the following “Memorials”:

 For personal intentions;

For your beloved dead; and/or For the living


Mass Intentions - $10.00

Altar Flowers in the Grotto Chapel - $30.00

Grotto Candles for Adoration - $10.00 per week

Altar Flowers in the Church - $30.00

Sanctuary Lamp in the Church - $15.00 per week

Altar Bread and Wine for all the Masses for the week - $30.00


If you would like to offer these aforementioned in “Memorial” or for a particular intention,

please contact the Parish Center.  Thank you.



The Reliquaries on the Altars in the Church, looking like a small Monstrance, contain the bones/remains of Saints.  If anyone would like to offer a donation for the reliquaries and/or have one or more of them “in Memory” of a loved one, please contact the Parish Center or see one of the Friars.  The relics on the main altar are: 1) the True Cross, 2) the Crown of Thorns, 3) St. Fulgentius, 5) St. Pope Pius X, 6) St. Catherine of Siena, and 7) St. Mary Cervellon; at the side altar of OLL: 1) St. Bernadette; and at the side altar of the SHJ: 1) St. John Bosco, 2) St. Peter Armengol, and 3) St. John Neumann.





Dedicate a Kneeler or Pew: we have about 30 kneelers remaining in the Church for anyone/families who may wish to dedicate them to loved ones or one’s Family Name. Donations may be made for a new kneeler / pew for $200.00.  For inquiries please contact the Parish Center.





Searching for a meaningful gift for your parents or loved ones?  To honor them?  In memory of them or a deceased loved one?  Consider a legacy gift in their name that will benefit the Our Lady of Lourdes Capital Campaign, a meaningful parish program.  Pledges/Gifts can be fulfilled over a period of a 3-5 year payment plan.  For information, contact the Parish Center.


Large Rock: honor of Our Lady of Lourdes = $10,000 pledge

Medium Rock: honor of St. Bernadette = $7,500 pledge

Small Rock: Legacy = $5,000 pledge

Leaf with **: Cornerstone = $3,500 pledge

Leaf with *: Heritage = $2,000 pledge

One Leaf: Patron = $1,500 pledge





“The Gift of a Lifetime” – Invest in the future of Our Lady of Lourdes Church through a Charitable Gift Annuity or a Bequest to help support the Catholic Way of Life.  For more info, call Bill Boland, Planned Giving Coordinator for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, at 215-587-5650.