1941 Wynnewood Road, Philadelphia, PA 19151

Phone: (215) 473-1669

Fax: (215) 473-1670

Mercy Prayer Line: (215) 879-0594

"HOW AWE INSPIRING THIS PLACE IS! This is nothing less than a House of God; this is the gate of Heaven" (Genesis 28:17)





Sunday – April 17:

8am-1pm Hospitality Sunday—Nolasco Hall


Monday – April 18:

7pm CCD Classes—Parish Center


Tuesday – April 19:

7pm Youth Group—Parish Center

7:30pm RCIA Class—Parish Center


Wednesday – April 20:

7pm Choir Practice—Church

7pm The Legion of Mary—Nolasco Hall


Thursday – April 21:

7:30pm 2105 Young Adult Group—Church


Saturday – April 23:

8am Archdiocesan Trip to the National Shrine—Washington, DC

8:30am Saturday Salve—Church

10am Church Cleaning

11am Baptism—Church


Sunday – April 24:

8am-1pm Food for the Needy Dropoff—Rectory Porch


Monday – April 25:

7pm First Holy Communion Practice—Church

7pm CCD Classes—Parish Center



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