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"HOW AWE INSPIRING THIS PLACE IS! This is nothing less than a House of God; this is the gate of Heaven" (Genesis 28:17)



Prayer Corps

Prayer Corps


Prayer for Catechumens and Candidates


Let us, in imitation of Jesus' disciples, who, in the very earliest days of the church, remained together constantly in prayer, pray for these our brothers and sisters., who one preparing to fully join us at the Altar of the Lord






We ask God that you may receive from him all wisdom and spiritual understanding for full insight into his will, so that your manner of life may be worthy of the Lord and entirely pleasing to him. We pray that you may bear fruit in active goodness of every kind, and grow in the knowledge of God. May he strengthen you in his glorious might, with ample power to meet whatever comes with fortitude, patience, and joy; and to give thanks to the Father who has made you fit to share the heritage of God's people in the realm of light.




St. Paul, Letter to the Colossians 1, 9




All-pitying and merciful God listen to our prayers, which we offer on behalf of those who are being instructed in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ. Instill in them Your Word of truth. Sow Your fear in them. Open the ears of their hearts, so they hear what no ear has heard. Give sight to the eyes that have not seen, that the Spirit would open them to the riches of Your grace. Plow up their hearts with Your law that the hearts that could never have imagined the depth of Your mercy might have the seed of Your gospel sown in them. Unveil the gospel of Your righteousness, that they might confess You in the community of the faithful, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.




St. John Chrysostom