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"HOW AWE INSPIRING THIS PLACE IS! This is nothing less than a House of God; this is the gate of Heaven" (Genesis 28:17)




Welcome to our Parish Web Site!


It is a pleasure to sponsor this Web Site as an extension of our parish family to yours. Our Parish has been in Overbrook Farms since its inception in 1894. Like our Patroness, the Blessed Virgin Mary, our parish family throughout the decades has believed that what the Lord has promised would be fulfilled. The undertaking of Msgr. Mullin in 1894 to found and build a "dwelling place of God" (Eph 2:22), was a monumental task; a task which he did not do alone, but accomplished with the sacrifice and help of long established families as well as immigrants. Our parish has a long and rich history which we wish to share with you in this web site. We invite you to tour our web site and see that the same faith and dedication that our ancestors had in the Lord, is still present and active in our parish today.


Prayerfully yours,


Rev. Michael Rock, O.de M.