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"HOW AWE INSPIRING THIS PLACE IS! This is nothing less than a House of God; this is the gate of Heaven" (Genesis 28:17)




The ‘Bernadettes’ is a girl sodality sponsored by Our Lady of Lourdes Church.  It’s open to girls who attend the school or belong to the parish.  Most of the girls are between the 4th and 8th grade.  Our name is from the young girl, Bernadette, who simply because of her willingness to do the will of God was able to accomplish great things.


The girls learn to serve the church in a number of ways: helping to decorate the church, learning about Roman Catholic traditions and serving the congregation through such acts of mercy as preparing food trays for the homebound and writing get well cards to the sick of the parish.


And, of course, their most visible involvement is their participation in Solemn Liturgies wearing white dresses and ‘mantillas.’  These ‘little mantles’ serve as a sign of the service we take on for the love of Christ and his church.

To sign up for The Bernadettes, please call the Parish Center.